The Bel-Sit had never had a website before so they really didn’t know where to start or how they wanted the site to operate. Since 1981 they have always operated on a first come served basis and are solely operated via word of mouth and Instagram. Their biggest challenge is new customers who didn’t know about The Bel-Sit never knew it was first come first served and would always search for them online and never find them.


Working with Jack Longman Media we came up with a strategy to combat The Bel-Sits issues and bring them a brand new website. The Bel-Sit is a family run restaurant and we wanted to keep that theme throughout. We wanted a page to tell their story so everyone knew how they came about. The Bel-Sit also wanted a way to give back, so we set up a page were users can submit their photos of them at The Bel-Sit ( to be a part of the story. An FAQ was built of their main questions they get asked when people call in, this is so we could make sure they had less calls and they could focus on providing the best service for the customers already in the restaurant.

The Process

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